Tips for Remaking Your Space While You’re Homebound

Source: New York Times

Here is some inspiration to upgrade your home, no trips to the store necessary.

With statewide lockdowns in place in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, millions of people are hunkering down at home.

As we take shelter, and most likely spend more time than ever at home, we hope the advice in our book, “The New York Times Right at Home: How to Buy, Organize, Decorate and Maintain Your Space,” offers some guidance for the difficult days ahead. Below is a collection of columns, many of them inspirations for our book, that offer practical advice on everything from making space for a home office to preparing for emergencies. We hope they help you through this crisis and maybe offer some inspiration for making your home a nicer place in which to find refuge.

Here are some ways to stretch the space you have for your new needs.

Making Space for a Home Office: With more companies moving to remote work for months, tips on how to make space for a home office — or two.

Designing a Feel-Good Home: What makes a space comfortable and welcoming? A lot of small changes that are easy to make.

How to Make Your Home a Haven: Turn your home into a warm and cozy sanctuary to help make the coming weeks more bearable.

You can’t go anywhere, so you may as well spend an afternoon tackling those cluttered shelves and closets you normally ignore.

Tidy Home Challenge: Make the most of your long days at home and organize it room by room to create a more relaxed and efficient environment.

7 Steps to a Clutter-Free Kitchen: Hunkering down means more meals at home. Arrange the kitchen thoughtfully to create a functional and efficient space.

Getting Organized in a Tiny Apartment: Tips and tricks from designers who specialize in small spaces.

Preparing Your Home for a Disaster: Readying for the unknown can feel like a daunting and costly task. Here are some ways to get started.

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