Life at the Time of the Pandemic

The New Work-Life Balance

The New Work-Life Balance: Why You Have to Work Harder from Home Work-Life Balance is one of those terms that has been bandied about regularly as one of the desired goals of a healthy career. It meant one thing until...

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Covid-19 Relaxation: Confusion Reigns Again

Covid-19 Relaxation: Confusion Reigns Again In another example of obfuscating what could have been communicated with much more clarity, we are now in the throes of the “relaxation period”. The UK government messaging, as we have become accustomed to in...

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Making Sense in Silence

Making Sense in Silence it is crucial to allow ourselves the opportunity to disconnect from the noise outside and connect back to ourselves in silence. Silence can bring us closer to ourselves, help us rediscover what is important to us,...

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Sources of Hope

Sources of Hope It is part of human nature that during periods of great uncertainty people turn towards any sources of hope they can find. My various social feeds have filled up with posts promising magic remedies. For example, a...

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Making Space

Making space I went walking in the park today. One of the only remaining safe spaces. The sun was out and the sky was glorious blue. While watching the magnificent pink and white blooms on the magnolia tree in one...

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