What is mindfulness

Mindfulness is defined as “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally… it is an appreciation for the present moment and the cultivation of an intimate relationship with it through a continual attending to it with care and discernment.” 

Research has shown that Mindfulness can benefit our physical and mental wellbeing. It can reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, reduced fatigue and increase resilience. 

Mindfulness meditation practice is a method for training the mind to become more mindful in everyday life.

Introduction to mindfulness

The following video provides an introduction to mindfulness:

Mindfulness for stress and distress reduction

3 min breathing space

5 min breathing exercise

5 min progressive muscle relaxation

9 min breathing exercise

12 min breathing meditation

Mindful interactions and communication

15 min body scan meditation

30 min body scan meditation

13 min body scan with music

10 min pain relief meditation

Mindful interactions and communication

It takes time and practice to experience the full benefits of mindfulness practice. It can feel very challenging at times like these to disconnect from the news and focus on ones own breathing and body, but exactly because of the current circumstances, it is more important than ever to allow ourselves the space to disengage from the world around us, even if for a few short moments.  

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